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Lawn Calcium Treatments

Calcium is an important mineral that help revitalize your lawns. Calcium Lawn Treatments provide added nutrients that lawns needs to improve fertilizer absorption. Calcium has several proven benefits for lawn health and growth.
Some of the benefits calcium adds to a fertilization program:

  1. Enhances leaf as well as root development
  2. Improves microbial activity in the soil
  3. Strengthens the soil structure
  4. Stimulates absorption of trace elements
  5. Improves the ph balance of soil (reduces acidity).


Humates are natural organic substances that are vital for soil to produce healthy plants with healthy root systems. These compounds help plants retain moisture and nutrients and also improve the plants' nutrient uptake. At the same time they reduce the amount of toxins and pollutants in the soil. Humates also act to:

  1. Increase aeration of the soil.
  2. Reduce thatch build up.
  3. Help the soil absorb more heat from the sun.
  4. Improve soil consistency, making it more friable and crumbly
  5. Retain water soluble fertilizers and release them as needed.

Humic acids are an especially important addition to any application of calcium to a lawn, providing a couple of significant benefits. Humates produce a natural chelate, which holds the calcium and yields it to the plant as it is needed. Humic acids also have strong buffer capacities that help maintain a stable pH in the soil. This buffering action protects plants from a "burn" effect, which can harm plants and which may result as a result of adding highly soluble calcium is applied to the soil.

Applying humates translate into a healthier, steady growing lawn with a stronger root system.

At Sutherland Organic Solution we use CaCO3 "Plus" 100% Natural Calcium "Plus" TeraVita SP-85 Soluble Humate, a special ad mixture of calcium and humates that we have found is best adapted for the soil and climatic conditions of Southern New England. Contact us today about our Lawn Calcium Treatments in Rhode Island, Massachusetts and Connecticut.