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Welcome Spring 2021 - Lawn in Distress Call SOS: FREE LAWN ANALYSIS with ESTIMATE

"We are a lawncare company committed to helping your lawn look its best and our earth help itself."

Is your lawn showing season scars and /or dead spots? If so, now is the time to start your Organic Based Lawn Care. SOS’s Guaranteed Organic Based Turf & Insect Program with Fall Core Aeration & Over-Seeding will help improve your turf this Season.

Whether your property is city landscape or an ocean/lake side property to a larger horse farm with paddocks, be assured the result will be a beautiful, healthy, and safer landscape to enjoy year after year.

Our Guaranteed Organic Based Turf & Insect Program Offers:

  • 6 Timely Organic Based Fertilizations w/ Weed & Crabgrass Controls
  • 2 Applications of Calcium Base Lime & Soluble Humates
  • 1 Application of Grub & Insect Prevention
  • 2 Granular Surface Insect Applications
  • Natural Insect Control Sprays (As Requested Only)
  • Fall Aeration & Over-Seeding (As Requested Only)

SOS Emails or Calls Ahead – 48 hrs. Prior to Each SOS Service

Improved Results Guaranteed- Licensed and Insured – BBB Certified Owner/Operator, Dan Sutherland – Proudly Serving Southeast New England with Over 40 Years’ Experience

Licensed in MA, CT, RI and comply with all state regulations